Upload Artwork

Artwork may be submitted in either hard copy or electronic format. Hard Copy artwork should be crisp, clean, black and white line art. Providing artwork larger than actual size will allow us to reduce it and will provide a better-finished product. If your art contains shading, it should be submitted at actual size with a 45 line screen. 

Electronic artwork may be submitted via disk (CD-Rom, floppy, zip) or email. We accept both Macintosh and PC files. Our email address is: paul@synergy-promos.com 

Please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Please include your company name and purchase order number on all artwork sent. Choose a file name that relates to the artwork such as the purchase order number.
  2. Always send a hard copy of your art so that we can compare the two and verify that your artwork is not altered in any way when opened. You may submit a JPEG or PDF file to act as your hard copy. Include it as an attachment along with your artwork. Please send all e-mail artwork to art@synergy-promos.com
  3. Acceptable software:
    1. Adobe Illustrator
      1. Save as an EPS file
      2. Create outlines for all text
    2. Adobe Photoshop
      1. Save as a TIF, PSD, or DCS 2.0
    3. CorelDraw
      1. Save as an EPS file
      2. Convert text to curves
    4. Most PDF and JPEG documents are acceptable, but may require re-drawing or touch-ups.
  4. We also accept scanned images; the preferred format is TIF. We recommend scanning artwork in line art mode at 1200 DPI.
  5. We accept compressed art in the ZIP or STUFF-IT format.
  6. If your art does not comply with these specifications, please submit what is available. We will make every attempt to convert your artwork to one of these formats. If we are unable to produce your order from submitted artwork, we will contact you and offer solutions.
  7. If you would like to place an order but do not have sufficient artwork, we have a staff of artists that can perform cleanup or recreate art for $40 (G) per hour, with a $15.00 minimum.

Please provide the following information and then select your art files(s) for uploading. All fields are required. When you are finished, click "Submit Artwork" at the bottom of the page to proceed.